Ten Minute Tuesday: A “Dear” Letter

We text. We emoji. We e-mail and message and Facebook. When was the last time you wrote a letter? A letter you mailed away? Here is the challenge for today. Write a letter to someone you love. Or someone you owe an apology to. Maybe write a letter to yourself. It can be about anything you want but if you’re stuck, write a letter of gratitude to a friend or family member, to your God or Goddess. Write an apology for someone you wronged. Or just tell someone how special they are and let them know you are happy they are in your life. I once wrote a letter to my inner critic and Fired him! You can check that out here: Inner Critic, Fired. I once wrote a letter to a friend that had stopped coming to a support group. I was trying to reach out to her.

I often write letters here as well. I am not very good at newsletters though I know a lot of bloggers use them but I LOVE writing letters and posting them. It makes me feel connected in some way. So go on, write a letter.