Creative Soul Revealed

I speak a lot about creativity and using it as often as you can. But do I practice it? I try to. Every day. I work on projects that I find inspiring and being me joy. It’s not just about the DIY projects that I post or the Ten Minute Tuesday activities. I create. And I will admit, some days it is very hard. I have arthritis in both hands and carpal tunnel. I am about to have my second carpal tunnel surgery for each hand (not at the same time.) So there are days I can’t edit photos as much as I want or cut cards or stationary. Handwriting is difficult and sometimes, typing is equally as painful. I also take certain medications that often make me groggy in the afternoon and make it difficult for me to think. So writing is out of the question, so is trying to read, which I love to do.

Some days, all I can do is plan for what pain and grogginess is to come. So I may write, print, and design in the morning, so in the afternoon, I will laminate and cut. And some days, I get nothing done at all. My hands my hurt after working in the morning so that leaves cutting out of the picture for the day. I still try. I get frustrated at my hands not wanting to work right or my brain going fuzzy as though I have control over medication and pain. I am learning and adjusting. And as I recover from surgery, I am sure I will find new ways of doing things so that I can continue to write and work.

Let me share a bit of what I do. Let’s start with my cards. All pictures are my original photos. They are printed on card stock then hand cut.

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My affirmation cards were something that I made originally for a friend and I to carry around as we both struggle with depression. I found that I had so much more to say and then I laminated them so they would last longer. I LOVE making them. I am inspired constantly with new ideas.

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All the stationary that I use when I write notes or letters is also designed by yours truly. I love making new designs and am working on a line of stationary to sell.


I love creating notes to the world and making them into note cards or post cards. I often slip them into my blank cards.


Finally, I have my pendants. All the pendants are original photographs, and I can make custom ones from photos given to me. The photo is cut and glazed to the glass and set into a pendant base. I love making these though the trimming work often is a killer on the hands.

Finally, the newest project I am working on is a set of Living Creative Spirit Cards. This is a collection of 40 cards. One the front is a word with and affirmation and on the back is a verse for meditation or contemplation. These cards are designed to inspire Creative Living.


Just like all creatives, I have good days and bad. I am productive days and Netflix is my best friend days. There are days I want to give up because I feel my work isn’t good enough but then I remember I have cards in two stores. It’s not a lot but it’s a start. I remember that I do my work because I love it. So as I leave I will provide you some more inspiration.


My last word to you:
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