DIY Friday: Worry Box


Worry Box 1

Let’s get started! First I gathered all the stuff I thought I might need for making the worry box. The Collage Pauge is just like Mod Podge but it was on sale at Joann’s at the time. It works great! 

worry box 2

Using some of my designs from my pendants.

worry box 3

All painted. Metallic Blue. I picked this color because I find it calming and inspirational. On the lid I mixed a little of the Collage Pauge in with the paint then stuck my pictures on. After the paint dried, I painted a layer of Pauge over the pictures to seal them on. BE careful to make sure ALL the paint is dry. There was a slightly damp spot of paint and the Pauge started to smear it. 

worry box 4

Silver sharpie! Left side

worry box 5

Right side

worry box 6

Top of the heart!

worry box last

Completed Heart shaped worry box, all ready to hold my worries for me.