Ten Minute Tuesday: Warm Fuzzies!

Do you remember getting warm fuzzier as a kid? I do. We use to make them and give them to one another at school. Here is a ten minute Photo tutorial on making warm fuzzier to give away. Here is … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Writing Prompt

Advice From a Father How do you flirt with a waitress? You learn their names: Julie Karen Katy Jill Leanne. You tell silly jokes and pass on compliments; ask for something special, and leave a good tip. How do you … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Posters

Today, I wanted to bring you something a little different for your Ten Minute Tuesday. Posters made for home walls are very popular on Pinterest right now. I see many people making them with favorite quotes or family mottos. So … Continue reading

Simple 5 Minute Creative Play Activities

Instead of a ten minute exercise today, I am giving some quick ideas that you can do in a five minute break. If all you have is a ten minute break, then you might only have just five minutes to … Continue reading