What the Camera didn’t See.

One of my favorite ways to write is to think about all the pictures I take without my camera. The small little moments that even if my camera was in my hand, I may miss. Recently, I went on the … Continue reading

Stand on the Edge!

Pt. Reyes National Seashore is one of my favorite places to go. There are two places I love to visit. Drakes Beach. It’s a perfect family friendly beach, though sometimes windy. Several weekends a year you can find me here … Continue reading

Drakes Beach and CA37

Cali37I love when someone else’s artwork inspires me. I LOVE the band, Train. They are one of my favorite bands. On my playlist, I put all their albums together, and just shuffle through them all. On their last album, California 37, the song of the same title, is one of may favorites. There is a line in the chorus that says, “California 37, took me right to heaven’s door”.

Why do I find this inspiring?

In reality, California 37 is highway that links between Highway 80 in Vallejo to Highway 101, in Novato. It leads out to Highway 1. About a half an hour after that, I arrive in Pt.Reyes. This is the place I run to, the place I visit when I need to center. There is a beach within the National Seashore area, Drakes Beach. This is the beach I sink my feet into. It is the place where I take my deep breath and feel at peace. It is a place that I consider heaven for me. It is where my spirit reconnects with itself.

When I heard this song, I knew I needed to do something to honor the inspiration I felt from hearing those words. I realize this may have not at all been what Pat Monahan was singing about. Though, I know they have been around the bay area, and they may or may not know where California 37 leads, I felt as though I understood what he is singing about. And maybe that is all that really matters, feeling connected with the world.

So the picture above is mine. It is actually 2 pictures that I took as I headed out to Drakes Beach, specifically with a purpose of creating this blended image. It may make it’s way onto my glass necklaces. It may make its way out into the world another way.

What have created that was inspired by a song? or a book? a piece of art? What other art forms do you find that inspire you to create?