The Ten Minute Journal Page

The Ten minute Journal Page I keep a written journal. I write in it every night. Recently, while on a writers retreat, I began making pages every morning with little poems, photographs, favorite quotes, writing prompts and affirmations. When I … Continue reading

Stand on the Edge!

Pt. Reyes National Seashore is one of my favorite places to go. There are two places I love to visit. Drakes Beach. It’s a perfect family friendly beach, though sometimes windy. Several weekends a year you can find me here … Continue reading

The Pictures that I took without a Camera

I put my camera in the car this morning, as put my things in the car to go to work. I have not done this in months, but something about the cool, fall air and the tumbling, crunching leaves, prompted me to grab it as I walked out the door.

But I never used it.

I still took pictures. A few pictures as a matter of fact.

The first picture I took:

Old man, stooped slightly at the shoulder, walking with a laughing smile on his face. Blue veteran’s cap on his head with small military buttons next to the U.S. Flag. Small tufts of white hair poke out, and he is saying, “I just heard a great joke.” He comments on the state of veterans benefits and benefits to illegal citizens. Smiling, walking on. Shaking his head “no” unable to understand how the rules have changed.

The second picture:

Trees, standing taller than a two story apartment building, branches stretching as wide as two mini vans parked together are long, across green lawn. The leaves are turning pink-orange, fire- orange, and dark red. The morning sun is shimmering through them, and the wind shakes the leaves, turning them into hundreds of candles.

The third picture:

A boy, in kindergarten, almost 5, lines up at the door to go home. His dark blond, almost shaggy hair, fly’s around him each time he twists his head. His red spiderman sweatshirt makes him standout between the two boys with blue sweatshirts. His brown eyes squint, wrinkling his nose, as he looks around. A smile that eats his whole face when he sees who has come to pick him up from school today. He tells his friends as he points to her.

There are a few more that stayed with me today. A beautiful, red-haired woman, shopping with her young daughter, walking tall with her round, pregnant belly, and the sad, homeless man, his dreads wrapped by an old shirt, hugging in one arm a small brown bag, and shivering in the cold.

What I love about taking pictures this way, is using my other senses. Not just seeing but listening, maybe smelling, feeling texture…it all depends on the picture I am taking. It allows me to see the world a little differently than if I am just going through it, moving through my every day routine. I start to look and find the things that I might want to capture for just a moment.

What pictures might you take without a camera? What would you see?