Nourish Your Soul

  10 Days! 10 Minutes per Day! That’s all you need to join The Creating Room’s 10~10 Challenge beginning on August 1, 2016. You’ll join our Facebook group where I will post a Ten minute Challenge DAILY for ten days. … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: People Watching

Some of my most interesting ideas, stories, and characters come from sitting down in the middle of a coffee shop or mall, basically anywhere with people coming and going, having conversations, etc. People watching is one activity that is all … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Your Magic Wand

This Magic Wand serves as a talisman, a physical representation and reminder of something you want to gain, learn, or achieve. ┬áThe magic wand may take two 10 minute sessions or one 20 minute session. The focus of my wand … Continue reading

Allowing the Soul

We carry our soul with us always. It is not an entity separate from self but rather an essential part of our self. Sometimes we listen carefully to what the soul says and other times, we shut it out, refusing … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Letting In

Following your creative passion is not only about what you express or do in the world but it is also about what you let into your creative soul. Continue reading