Photo Wednesday: A Path less Travelled

Today’s photo prompt is inspired by the following poem. What path will your camera take you down today? The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Warm Fuzzies!

Do you remember getting warm fuzzier as a kid? I do. We use to make them and give them to one another at school. Here is a ten minute Photo tutorial on making warm fuzzier to give away. Here is … Continue reading

Friday DIY: Family Sand Bottles

A popular unification ceremony at weddings these days is to pour sand from two separate containers into a glass vase, sometimes shaped like a heart, or a cylinder engraved with the couples names and wedding date. I have also sen … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Writing Prompt

Advice From a Father How do you flirt with a waitress? You learn their names: Julie Karen Katy Jill Leanne. You tell silly jokes and pass on compliments; ask for something special, and leave a good tip. How do you … Continue reading