Friday DIY: Family Sand Bottles

A popular unification ceremony at weddings these days is to pour sand from two separate containers into a glass vase, sometimes shaped like a heart, or a cylinder engraved with the couples names and wedding date. I have also sen … Continue reading

DIY: Glue Batik Painting

I have seen several “fake” batiks on Pinterest. They were bright and colorful and used Elmer’s Glue as a resist instead of wax. I read a few of tutorials and felt ready to try. The following pictures describe my adventure … Continue reading

Photo Wednesday: Retreat

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I crave to walk in green forests with canopies of leaves and needles floating above me; to feel the damp earth beneath my feet, smell redwoods, grasses, damp moss and dogwood around me. I long for the quiet breezes, rustling … Continue reading

Ten Easy Creative Play Tips for Busy People

It can seem impossible to fit time in your busy schedule for a little creative play even though research has shown that creativity and play are vital to living fulfilled lives. It can for one to see where, in their … Continue reading