Creative Soul Revealed

I speak a lot about creativity and using it as often as you can. But do I practice it? I try to. Every day. I work on projects that I find inspiring and being me joy. It’s not just about … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Letting In

Following your creative passion is not only about what you express or do in the world but it is also about what you let into your creative soul. Continue reading

Let’s Play “What If?”

The greatest gift of our imagination is the ability to play what if. What if explores those ideas that are not directly in front of us; we extrapolate from previous experiences in order to play out different scenarios for events … Continue reading

The Ten Minute Journal Page

The Ten minute Journal Page I keep a written journal. I write in it every night. Recently, while on a writers retreat, I began making pages every morning with little poems, photographs, favorite quotes, writing prompts and affirmations. When I … Continue reading