Ten Minute Tuesday: Journal Prompt

Secrets. They either weigh us down or we let them out to keep them from eating us alive. Sometimes though, the weight gets too much and our judgement let’s down our guard, then we tell our secrets to the wrong … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: Journal Page

So, I LOVE to collect quotes. I pin them on Pinterest. Collect them on pieces of paper. After a bit of a break from journaling I found my way back to it using the quotes I love collecting. Do you … Continue reading

Laura Probert: Fiercely Alive Writer

My Friday interview this week with with the energetic Laura Probert. Laura reminds me of a bundle of positive energy, spinning around and casting off good vibes where ever she goes. I was surprised to learn she had a black … Continue reading

One of “THOSE” Days…

Not every day is going to be a beautiful creatively harmonious day. There are going to be days when the shadows of fear and doubt will crowd your mind. Writers may have days when the ending just won’t come. A … Continue reading

The Ten Minute Journal Page

The Ten minute Journal Page I keep a written journal. I write in it every night. Recently, while on a writers retreat, I began making pages every morning with little poems, photographs, favorite quotes, writing prompts and affirmations. When I … Continue reading