Creative Soul Revealed

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Perspective: Yours, Mine and Ours

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Tell Me Your Passion

                                         Tell me your passion

Tell me what you do that makes you happy.small red rose

Tell me what is at your creative center.


Not the should be’s, need to’s, or have to’s but the stuff that makes the heart beat faster, or lets your soul shout, sing and do a little boogie, the stuff  that makes work, play. This the is home of your creative passion. It doesn’t have to art, or writing, or photography; maybe it’s numbers and spreadsheets, or it could be organizing, or project management. It doesn’t matter so long as when you think about your creative self, it makes you feel like you.

Just because you are good at a thing, does not mean that is where your creative spirit lives. It could mean that you became good at something because you were supposed to. It could be that there was a natural aptitude to do certain things but that doesn’t mean that this is your creative calling.

My dad was a very good accountant. He was great with numbers just like my grandmother. But, the truth was, he hated it.

His creative expression lived in two rose gardenplace’s, his love for technology and horticulture. I never understood why he never went into landscaping and horticulture. In fact, I am not even sure he ever realized that this was his creative center. But I can tell you, he was happiest when he was out pruning trees, moving earth around, planting flowers and bushes, and making things grow. He had an awesome green thumb. He was accountant because he could do numbers easily and it was the “right thing” degree for him to earn at CalPoly. So long as he had a yard to tend to, he was ok being an accountant.
Your creative self does not have to be the job you go to each day.

It doesn’t have to be something you share with the whole world.

But whatever your passion is make sure you play with it often.  beach heart