Tery Brouwer: Creative Soul Poetry

Tery has been an inspiration for me since I first met her online two years ago. She knows how to get to a person’s creative center and help them focus. Continue reading

You and the Creative Process!

Exploring your creativity is as easy as remembering being a child. Can you remember opening your first box of color crayons or wetting the paintbrush to dip into the watercolors? I remember painting with large pieces of white paper and … Continue reading

You! Amazing Spiritual Being!

This says all I want to say today. You are an amazing being just because you are here. Just because you are you! Share with someone you love today. (Also available for sale as a print to give). Order Here! 

Your Creative Wild Self!

I believe that sometimes we all need a little Wildness in our lives. Its takes us out of our ordinary day and makes something adventurous happen. It may come show up on your doorstep and knock incessantly until you let … Continue reading