Ten Minute Tuesday: Writing Prompt

Advice From a Father How do you flirt with a waitress? You learn their names: Julie Karen Katy Jill Leanne. You tell silly jokes and pass on compliments; ask for something special, and leave a good tip. How do you … Continue reading

Ten Minute Tuesday: People Watching

Some of my most interesting ideas, stories, and characters come from sitting down in the middle of a coffee shop or mall, basically anywhere with people coming and going, having conversations, etc. People watching is one activity that is all … Continue reading

Hands of the Sun

Have you felt the hands of the sun,  reaching down to touch you in the early morning,  as fingers play across the treetops and tumble down mountain sides,  skip across the grass?  Have you see the beauty of it’s reach … Continue reading

What the Camera didn’t See.

One of my favorite ways to write is to think about all the pictures I take without my camera. The small little moments that even if my camera was in my hand, I may miss. Recently, I went on the … Continue reading

Do you have a Dangerous DayDream?

What is Dangerous DayDreaming? It is using your unique daydreams to help you move forward. Let them help you send your life spiraling happily in the direction you want to go. When you let yourself have a Dangerous DayDream, you … Continue reading