The Kids Table

Kids table postcard

The Kids Table Price List

2 1/2 hrs.: $125

4hrs.: $200

Having  weekend event and need two 4 hour slots.

Save when you book two slots on the same weekend (for two different days).

Two 4hr: $350

6 hour shifts may be available occasionally. All 6 hour events require $100 in advance. Refunds only with 72 hour notice. $25 fee will be charged.

All supplies included. Minimum Deposit to hold date: $75. Refunds available with 48 hour notice though a $25 fee will be charged. Rescheduling is possible but requires the full fee in advance.
DISCLOSURE: This is NOT babysitting. Parents cannot leave the premises.

Crafts can be themed for wedding colors and event speciality however may increase supply cost. This can be determined on an individual basis.
I would love to meet with you. Please call Susan at 916-509-2110